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          Protection and Estate Dog Sales

World Class Canine is an industry leader in the sales of protection dogs, executive protection dogs and estate protection K-9's.  We offer trained K-9's for individual, family, business and property protection.  We offer a world class breeding program, providing on a selective basis prospects from proven working lines, as well as adults dogs for sale.  World Class Canine also imports the finest working dogs available directly from our kennel in Europe and can customize a dog to fit a clients unique needs in a very short time table.  We specialize in the following breeds; Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd and German Shepherd dogs, and can broker other breeds on a case by case basis.  Let us take a moment to detail the different levels of dogs that we provide:

Guard Dog/Civil Protection Dog:  A civil guard dog is a dog that has been trained to deter a threat, by meeting the threat head on while showing aggression and barking.  These dogs are not trained to bite and are ideal for clients that do not wish to own a bite trained animal for their own reasons.  Guard dogs come in two varieties, basic (guard 1) and advanced (guard 2).  A basic guard dog will react without command to a threat in an on leash environment (out for a walk) or on command.  Guard 1 level dogs are fully leash trained and are also trained to cease aggression on command and then to socialize without anxiety.  Guard 2 dogs come with on and off lead obedience and are trained to meet a threat head on at the door, gate or fence, as well as on lead.  Both variety's of guard dogs are available for families, businesses and individuals.

Protection Dog Level 1:  A level 1 protection dog is trained to provide security to an individual or family while out in public, walking or in the owners vehicle.  A level one dog is trained to react without command to violence or, on command and will engage and hold a subject.  A World Class Canine level 1 protection dog is trained in on lead obedience and will release the bite and or cease aggression on command.  World Class Canine level 1 protection dogs are available for individual and or family protection.

Protection Dog Level 2:  A World Class Canine level 2 personal protection dog is a compete K-9 guardian.  Level 2 dogs are available for business protection, home protection, family protection, executive and business protection.  A level 2 protection dog is fully trained on and off leash and will engage a threatening subject on command, or as a reaction to violence.  Level 2 dogs are trained to release and cease aggression upon command.  Level 2 dogs are highly trained and conditioned to overcome the extreme pressures associated with a worst case scenario, in the unfortunate case one occurs.  Dogs that are sold as a World Class Canine certified level 2 protection dogs possess rock solid nerves, temperament and stability, paired with the focused drives to handle a wide variety of protection scenarios.

Protection Dog Level 3/Estate Dog:  Estate dogs are ideal for executives and families that have large fenced estates and want the ultimate in security.  An estate dog is a certified World Class Canine level 2 dog, with additional patrol work and sentry dog training.  These dogs can be customized for families, executives, or individuals and are trained to patrol the grounds, and or home for intruders and or potential threats.  These dogs offer the finest working drives available paired with stability across the board.

Owner training, customer service and ongoing training:  At World Class Canine we strive to make your acclimation period as smooth and rewarding as possible with your new protection dog.  Every dog sold comes with extensive handler/family/owner acclimation and training, in order to make sure that you are completely comfortable and in command of your new dog.  We will be with you every step of the way with your new K-9 partner and offer ongoing training through our several locations around the United States.

World Class Canine offers a full replacement two year genetic health and working guarantee on all working dogs sold.

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             Police and Military K9 Sales

World Class Canine is one of the world's premier vending kennels.  We believe in a better dog across the board for all of our clients, big and small.  Whether you are looking to supply 1 or, 100 K-9's, we are committed to your programs excellence and won't stop until you're completely satisfied with your selection(s).  At World Class Canine we pride ourselves in selecting, importing and raising platinum grade working dogs that hunt, track and bite and problem solve at the highest level.  All our dogs come with complete head to toe, two year working and health guarantee.  Please take a moment to review the following options to help narrow down the search for your next K9;

Green Dog Sales

Dual/Multipurpose green dog sales: 
World ClassCanine proudly supplies three grades of green (started) K9's; platinum, gold and silver.  Although all three grades are considered high quality by industry standards, our grading system allows us to pair the best candidate with each department from both a budgetary and performance standpoint.

Platinum grade
K-9's are the finest grade of dogs available and are suitable for special forces, experienced police and intense swat applications.  These dogs possess provide extreme hunt drive and work to source in an off lead capacity.  Platinum grade K9's are tested on metal pipes and are extremely driven.  Platinum grade K-9's provide the highest level of environmental stability and are tested on semi-comp or thinner suits.  They are required to show high levels of possession over the decoy and their bite must consist of driving in.  Platinum grade K-9's must show stability across the board in all scenarios and tests. 

Gold grade K-9's are strong police or military dogs that can be are easily handled by a 15 year veteran or, a first time handler.  They possess high levels of drive and rock solid nerves.  Gold level dogs display proficient hunting on and off lead and show high possession and drive for metal pipes, pvc pipes and or balls.  Gold level dogs are started on the bite-suit and show clarity in the bite, paired with the ability to withstand significant pressure.

Silver grade
K-9's are ideal for departments and agencies with limited budgets that still want a quality dog.  Silver grade K9's possess high drives and display proficiency in bite-work on a bite-sleeve and or, bite-suit.  Silver grade K-9's possess high ball drive and show proficiency in hunt work.  Silver grade dogs display good environmental stability but will require more conditioning when compared to higher grade dogs.

Single purpose green dog sales:  World Class Canine supplies single purpose green dogs for the following applications; narcotics detection, explosives detection, tracking and apprehension, cell phone detection and bed bug detection.  The following grading system details the dogs aptitude regarding their chosen single purpose capability.

Platinum grade
single purpose K-9's and high grade military and police dogs that possess rock solid environmental nerves and extreme levels of hunt drive.  These dogs will hunt for an object for extremely long periods of time off leash and remote from the handler.  Platinum grade K9's are also capable of hunting for long periods of time in an on lead capacity and are accustomed to directed and detailed searching.  The K-9's possess high levels of toy drive and ball drive and have been heavily socialized environmentally.

Gold grade
single purpose dogs are environmentally sound and posses high levels of hunt drive, but have a lower threshold regarding duration of drive, than that of a platinum grade dog.  These dogs will easily perform as military or, police single purpose dogs and possess adequate drive for the ball and or reward.  These dogs are proven in both on and off lead applications.

Silver grade single purpose K-9s are best suited for agencies that are on a lower budget but still want a dog will adequate drive.  These dogs can perform the task but are limited in drive when compared to higher level K-9's.  Although silver level dogs can adequately work, they are our minimum standard in terms of workability.

Trained Dog Sales

World Class Canine selectively offers fully trained police and military K-9's for agencies looking to hit the ground running with a certified dual or single purpose K9.  Handlers can choose from two options; our patrol dog training school for first time handlers, or our trained K9 acclimation course for seasoned handlers looking to learn everything about their new partner while bonding with them in the process.  World Class Canine utilizes cutting edge training techniques to include positive conflict free outing and marker training in order to create a handler neutral presence through all processes of multipurpose patrol work.  Our dogs are taught to drive into the bite while fully controlling the subject and are heavily conditioned to environmental stressors and decoy pressure.

Working and Health Guarantee

World Class Canine offers a full replacement two year genetic health and working guarantee on all working dogs sold.
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