Training Options

World Class Canine offers several different training options to better fit the diverse needs of our clients.  We offer board and train programs at all of our facilities, handlers/trainers courses, as well as private and group lessons.  Take a moment and review our different training options, as well as their pros and cons so that you can make the best training decision for you and your dog.


Your nearest World Class Canine location is happy to offer your training program as a board and train option.  This allows you to avoid the hassles of driving to every session and gives the trainer the luxury of catering their schedule specifically to the dogs training needs.  This option will give you the quickest results possible and will provide your dog with hands on training directly from a World Class Canine master trainer.  After your dog is trained, your local World Class Canine trainer will work thoroughly with you and your dog to make sure that you are comfortable and proficient with your canine's newly learned skills as well as your skill as a handler.  Contact us through the contact us page for more information.

What are the differences between the board and train program and private lessons?

Here is a list of the advantages and differences between them:

Board and Train Packages:
A greater number of sessions for the price                
Quicker time frame to completion                          
Hands on training by our staff at our facility                
Boarding of your dog                      
Environmental Socialization
Decrease of travel time for you

Private Sessions:

A greater level of training for you the handler
One on one instruction
A higher level of handler involvement in training

Group Sessions:

Hands on training
The ability to learn from other dogs and handlers
A unique training experience with new friends


World Class Canine is proud to offer a two day trainer's course for individuals that are interested in drastically improving their handling/training skills as well as their dog's current level of training.  Clients with the following interests/needs are welcomed into the program; aggressive behavior correction, on and off lead obedience, puppy training and personal protection training. 

Please contact us for availability and pricing in your area.

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