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World Class Canine is one of the world's premier firms offering complete pet (civilian, personal) K9 training, as well as working dog and protection dog sales.  World Class Canine caters to the complete needs of our clients in the civilian community as well as the police and military communities.  We offer premier civilian training in the following areas; all breed obedience, aggressive dog rehabilitation and personal protection dog/estate dog training.  World Class Canine's patrol dog training program offers complete patrol and detection dog training, seminars, decoy instruction, in service training and certification.  Our civilian protection dog sales program provides premier, yet stable guardians to individuals, businesses, executives and families.  We also selectively offer puppies out of proven lines for clients that would like to raise their future protection dog.  Our working dog sales program supplies military and police clients with full trained dual and single purpose K9's, as well as proven green dogs that provide stable drive and clarity across the board.  World Class Canine has several locations strategically nestled across the United States allowing our clients to have direct access to a World Class Canine master trainer.  One of our largest sources of pride in the dog community is the fact that each World Class Canine location falls under the direction of a veteran police or military master trainer, each bringing their own extensive training experience to the table.  Please take a moment to explore our site and let us know how we can best serve you.
                  Civilian Training Programs
ALL BREED OBEDIENCE:  World Class Canine offers the best in obedience for your K9 companion.  Our program utilizes the same training techniques that create unfailing results in the military and police dogs of today.  We produce an uncompromising result that leaves you with a dog that enjoys the work while also understanding their role.  Our obedience training program can be competed as a board and train, or individually with private sessions.  Either way you and your canine companion are thoroughly trained by one of our veteran master trainers.  For more on this program visit the browser above.

AGGRESSIVE DOG REHAB:  The World Class Canine aggressive dog rehabilitation program is one of top aggressive dog rehabs in the United States.  Our master trainers all have a military/police K-9 training background and have each worked with countless troubled dogs in both the military/police and private sectors.  Our trainers bring an unparallelled understanding of K-9 aggression gained from true experience with actual bite dogs, as well as family pets in need of restructuring.  Our program has saved an uncountable number of dogs from euthanasia.  If the behavior is predicable we can help you overcome it, no matter how extreme.  For more information of the World Class Canine aggressive dog rehabilitation program and availability in your area; click on the picture to the left or visit the navigation bar at the top of this page.

PROTECTION DOG TRAINING:  If you have a genetically sound dog of adequate age; World Class Canine's protection dog training program is second to none.  The program was designed with one goal in mind; to provide civilians with top quality protection training that fully retains the social and stable temperament of dog, while teaching them stop intense threats if necessary.  Our program was created by some of the most influential trainers in the working dog world and will leave your dog with a clear, stable and focused drive, paired with sociability and control.  For more information on World Class Canine's protection dog training program visit the browser at the top of this page or, click on the photo to the left.  For those of you wishing to purchase a protection dog, see the following paragraph.

PROTECTION DOG SALES:  World Class Canine proudly supplies our customers with the highest quality protection dogs money can buy.  We specialize in producing and importing dogs that can handle any situation, yet maintain a calm social temperament, perfect for any family environment.  Our training program pairs world class genetics with top notch training that teaches the K-9 to engage a threat under high levels of pressure, without having to see visible bite-training equipment.  At World Class Canine we a proud to supply premier K-9's to the private sector complete with true street-worthy training, because life is not a sport.  Hopefully you will never need your K-9 to engage a threat, but in the case you do; World Class Canine's K-9 sales program will provide a dog that will truly protect you to the death if necessary.  For more on our K-9 sales click on the picture to the left or visit the appropriate page in our browser, located at the top of the page.

PLATINUM GRADE BREEDING PROGRAM AND PUPPY SALES:  World Class Canine selectively offers elite working puppies to approved clients.  Our lines are proven on the street, battlefield and trail field and our puppies are breed from dogs that are proven platinum grade producers.  We specialize in breeding special forces grade Belgian Malinois pups, but also offer selective breeding's of platinum grade German Shepherd and Dutch Shepherd pups.  Contact us for more information on our current and upcoming litters or for more information on our exceptional working dogs.

CANINE PROBLEM SOLVING:  If you have an issue with your dog that you just cannot seem to overcome, a World Class Canine master trainer will help you to correct it.  We not only train your canine but we also train you to ensure that you become the leader that your K-9 requires for a healthy dog/owner relationship.  As with all of our programs we offer private sessions and our board and train option to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients.  We can help you to correct virtually any issue imaginable and are happy to consult with you by email or, telephone.

Police and Military K9 Training and Sales

World Class Canine is proud to supply platinum grade K9's and cutting edge training to clients all over the world.  We ONLY offer K-9's possessing stability across the board, paired with a high level of focused drive.  Our K-9's are thoroughly tested under intense pressure and must be "street real" to make our selection process.  Our breeding program pairs proven females with elite platinum grade producers.  Dogs raised in our program are conditioned to excel as multipurpose canines from the moment they're weaned from their mother.  There are only a handful of kennels in the world that breed and raise dogs to the standard of World Class Canine, a fact that we take much pride in.  Here are some brief overviews of our programs.

World Class Canine offers dual and single purpose K-9s for application in all facets of patrol work (law enforcement, military and special operations).  Our green dogs are thoroughly tested in hunt work, environmental stability, drive and oppositional nerve.  A World Class Canine green dog comes with a high level of training/conditioning and only needs to be polished in obedience and imprinted on your specific odor.  Rest assured that a World Class Canine green dog has already been through more intense bite-work in a competition weight suit, than 99% of programs will ever train.  We take great pride in only selling "street real" canines that work in a forward drive free of nerve.  World Class Canine keeps an inventory of K-9s on hand for your agency to test at any given time.  We offer the following breeds; Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd and Dutch Shepherd.  Click on the picture to the left or visit the browser at the top of this page for more information.

  World Class Canine provides the finest in trained military and police patrol dogs for both single and dual purpose applications.  We only select and produce the finest platinum grade K9's for our program and train them to a special forces ready standard.  Our K-9's are conditioned to extreme scenarios and are trained by experienced decoys wearing low profile suits instead of the stereo typical bite-sleeve training that you will find with much of our competition.  Our K-9's are trained to be REAL down range dogs, not sport dogs and we promise that you will see the difference in testing.  In regards to hunt work; our dogs are not only taught to recognize odor, but they are conditioned to completely utilize all their senses in extreme hunt work, thus ensuring that our dogs that can locate the source in difficult on and off leash deployments.  In regards to genetics; every dog selected for our program was born to be an elite patrol dog.  Our dogs possess stability across the board and operate in a forward drive free of defense (fear).  Schedule a visit today to see the World Class difference for yourself.

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING SCHOOLS:  Through ourpartnership with the NNPDA (No Nonsense Patrol Dog Association) our master trainers offer a wide variety of patrol dog training seminars and classes catered to both the military and law enforcement K9 communities.  We are proud to offer the following schools; decoy school, table training, advanced K9 apprehension, ground-fighting and advanced handler assisted defensive tactics.

  Through our partnership with the NNPDA we are proud to offer agencies our scenario based certification and assessment program.  The NNPDA certification thoroughly tests each K9's ability to perform all functions of their dual or single purpose duties in real life scenarios.  If dogs in the testing process are found to be deficient; our master trainers can help you get them up to speed with our in service training services.

IN SERVICE TRAINING:  World Class Canine offers an in service training option for clients that live within driving distance of any of our locations.  We can help you unit with expert decoying, scenario building, obedience, tracking and detection.  Let us know if we can help you and we will guarantee results!

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